NICAR 2019: Lightning Talks

Thanks everyone for a great 2019. Stay tuned for next year!

Watch the talks from our 2019 lineup!

  1. How to write a data story in five minutesYouyou Zhou
  2. 5 ways to write racist code (with examples)Alex Garcia
  3. How to build a massive database that no one wants you to buildDisha Raychaudhuri
  4. FOIA is my APIMatt Kiefer
  5. 911, What’s Your Emergency: How insider knowledge of law enforcement has been an assetStacy Montemayor
  6. How To Use Your Data Skills To Gain Financial IndependenceSean McMinn
  7. My own worst enemy: Overcoming impostor syndrome*Kate Martin
  8. How to beat a serious case of the post-project bluesChristopher Baxter
  9. Blindspotting: Covering communities you’re not a part ofEmmanuel Martinez
  10. Save Student Newsrooms. How you can help the next generation of journalistsCaitlin Ostroff